Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille is working with the World Wildlife Fund to protect the Arctic by raising money.

A Christmas tradition

The felt animal hangers from Dille & Kamille have been raising money for nature for 5 years and are now true collectibles. For every pendant sold, 1 euro goes to nature conservation, and it always yields a pleasing sum.

Every year, a different animal claims the spotlight. We first started with Lumi the Polar Bear. He was followed by Olen the Reindeer, Vinnie the Arctic Fox, Elin the Snowy Owl and Nio the Narwhal. Now, they are sought after by collectors.

Earth Month

In addition, Dille & Kamille, WWF and Adyen Giving join forces for Earth Month. Throughout April, you can make a small donation with every purchase you make at Dille & Kamille, so you are not just making yourself happy, but you are also contributing to a liveable earth with more nature.

Portretfoto van Gerrit Polet
Gert Polet
Expert Noordpool & Russische natuur
'The collaboration with Dille & Kamille is crucial to the efforts to protect the Arctic. Thank you for your support!'

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