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Working with companies for more nature

This isn't just about saving a panda or a rainforest. This is about a liveable earth. The solution is more nature: more blue, more green, more colour.

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More nature, starting today

Nature loss and climate change are affecting life on earth today, not least ourselves. To bring it to a halt it, we are mainly told what we need less: consume less; emit less CO2. But that's just one side of the story. The other side is not about less: it's about more. We need more nature, and that starts today.

Be one with nature

More and more companies are joining the fight and opting for more nature, embedding it in their company objectives, policies and supply chain. The realisation is dawning: saving nature means saving ourselves - we are part of nature.

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Join us: be one with nature

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We are actively working with our Business Partners for a greener planet.

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Discover how we work together for more nature and greener business.

Our Planet: Our Business

Find out why businesses have a crucial role in saving our world.

This is what we achieved in 2023

Once again last year, we achieved great things for nature, thanks to the support of hundreds of companies, among other things. Our ambassador Art Rooijakkers looks back on 2023. Would you like to know what else we achieved?

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Crowdfunding: Forest Foresight
Crowdfunding: Forest Foresight
United against deforestation
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Vote for more nature
Vote for more nature
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Are you dining decently? Do the test

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United for more nature

Nature is disappearing at an alarming rate. Every minute, we lose forested areas the size of 30 football pitches. In the space of 50 years, wildlife populations have declined by 69 percent. For a liveable earth, we need more nature, as quickly as possible. And we can do it, if we choose to work together.