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Investing in green projects

Business can make a difference to our efforts to create a sustainable, greener world - by investing in projects that create more nature.

Green investing is a win-win situation. Half of the world economy is highly dependent on nature. Increasing loss of nature means an increasing risk of production loss for companies. In other words, sustainable investing is not only good for our planet, but also important for the profits financial institutions and companies hope to make.

WWF helps institutions and companies that want to invest greener. We help the financial world make greener investments with the aid of the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD), among other things, and we help SMEs with the Mobilizing More for Climate (MoMo4C) fund.

Would you like to know more, or are you already convinced and would you like to make greener investments? Please contact our colleagues who work on these funds: Jaap de Jong for DFCD or Shephard Zonde for MoMo4C.

Do you want to make greener investments?
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Jaap de Jong
Programme Manager DFCD
Shephard Zonde
Shephard Zonde
Program Manager MoMo4C

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